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Valpeo inspires and supports people and organisations in creating maximum value.
Our society changes fast and continuously. This has an impact on existing norms and standards and causes known methods to be replaced by new innovations overnight.
Since founding in 1987, Hogan has assessed more than nine million people around the world. Using the science of personality, Hogan can help you solve everyday talent management challenges. For decades, Hogan has built a reputation for practicality, validity, and experience.
Cognadev was established in 1994 to research and deliver solutions for assessing and developing people in the work environment. Cognadev aims to enhance the self-insight, development and optimal placement of people in the work context to ensure job satisfaction and organisational viability.

Frændi is a group of consulting professionals, thinkers, educators, doers, and optimists who are committed to the practice of unlocking potential —in people, teams, systems, and organizations.

AgileLAB is a top consulting and training team of hands-on professionals who deliver tailor-made solutions to business worldwide through scaled, product and team agility and the broadest training portfolio.

nxtARC is an integrated leadership development firm committed to supporting 21st-century leaders in the realization of their full potential.
Through self-discovery, the practice enables leaders to better self-author the next chapter of their leadership journey with confidence, purpose, and resolve.
international organisational design & development consulting

Exposure to western leadership perspectives, an understanding of ancient Indian principles and team experiences, have enabled Pragyan Advisory to arrive at a cumulative and humbling wisdom (Pragyan). Pragyan Advisory intends to bring in the best of both worlds to solve the leadership, team and culture challenges we face today.
International Research

IAD is more than a membership organisation for professional coaches. IAD is bringing together, in one place, the future of Coaching Excellence and Leadership Excellence in two ways: an offer of the only ethical benchmark system in the industry and also focus not on the relationship but on the foundational construction of self as the area for development.
international organisational management software

Wurqi's enterprise work management platform enables anyone to work wherever and whenever by having complete visibility, predictability and control across their entire business. This solution integrates and centralises all work, people and communication into a single view, so it’s easy to set key goals, manage any type of work, whilst streamlining team collaboration.
Reconfig is a cloud software service for data-driven organization design. The tool enables leaders – and those who advise them – to make better decisions when they develop a new organizational model or consider how to adjust their current organizational model. With Reconfig, you can combine advanced data analytics with human judgment to design a better organization.